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Back office support and 100% funding
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About our IOR Partnership:

Simplicity is delighted to be partnering with the IOR and the opportunities that it will give to members wanting to access a range of services from our company. Simplicity is an ISO 9001 certified award winning supplier of financial services to the UK recruitment industry and will work hard to ensure that IOR members can take advantage of our services, ranging from funding and administration to full outsourcing of back office and an umbrella scheme for recruiters, contractors and temps.

Offer Details:

1st month cash back!
Simplicity is promising to transfer the first month charged to members who become their clients direct to the IOR for any contracts over 2 years. IOR will hold this one month fee and at the end of the first year it will be refunded to the client. This offer will be repeated for every year that the member remains a client. If the member leaves the IOR before the end of the first year, IOR will retain the first month’s fee to support their important work. If the member ceases to be a client for Simplicity before the end of the first year, IOR will retain the first month’s fee to support their important work.
Perms Connect from Perms Connect Ltd FREE to members
Simplicity is offering its free Perms Connect service to all IOR members for as long as they remain members.
10% off Top Bean SEO from Module IT Ltd
Simplicity is offering a unique and completely free review of IOR member websites, followed by a 10% reduction from normal prices for as long as IOR membership is maintained.
To take advantage of these offers, please call 01594 546585 and quote your IOR membership number.

Company Bio:

The only back office and funding supplier with quality management processes certified to ISO 9001 and an early signatory to the Better Payment Practice Code, Simplicity covers the whole of the recruitment industry and any other sector or business with High Volume Pay and Charge (“men on timesheets” businesses). They provide back office support with or without 100% invoice funding. Services include:

•    The only 100% Funding and 12 month rebate for permanent placements
•    The best outsourced web based management reporting in the recruitment industry giving its customers an edge over the competition
•    Bad debt protection
•    Gross payment (CIS) facility
•    Umbrella services
•    Back office support and management reporting
•    Split fee facilities.

Simplicity is absolutely committed to delivering cost effective quality management system solutions which ensure accurate management reporting, payroll calculations and payments that are right first time, on time, every time.

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